Who we are

ASK Lab («ASK Laboratory») is a professional team of scientists and engineers, an independent design center with more than 15-year experience in research, development, production and maintenance of electronic devices of any complexity.

Having gained a good reputation through working for a number of large companies, ASK Lab is now aiming at becoming a well-known company with an exceptional credibility level on behalf of our clients and partners in Russia and abroad. As a result, we are currently building open and transparent relations with our contractors. Our top priorities are: timely and qualified execution of work, and high quality of production.

Despite the fact that we already have considerable experience in a number of well-developed areas, we continue to take great pride in mastering new ones. What we produce does not come in “box form” or “one size fits all”, but instead we concentrate on listening to the needs of our clients and then providing them with exactly what they want, plus a little bit more.

Our motto is “A flexible approach to firm decisions!”


Our experts have successfully executed over 100 projects in the area of contract electronics development: from simple stand-alone devices to complex multi-unit systems. Some of these items were single piece products, others were designed for further mass production by our clients, and we also manufacture a small numbers of products and sell them ourselves.

In addition, a large number of research and engineering projects are executed at our own cost if we consider them to be appropriate in helping us expand our skills and expertise. That’s how we stay at the cutting edge of the most advanced technologies.

 XXth  Century

The founders of the ASK Lab company initially met each other at the Microchip Technology Inc. seminars that were conducted by the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. These seminars were to educate people how to work with the PICxx microprocessor platform.

In 1997 our laboratory was transferred to the Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (previously known as the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Aerospace Instrumentation), where it received formal status.

From 1997 to 2000 the laboratory provided basic training for electronic engineers. At the end of the XXth century the lab executed the development of a large number of unique information management systems and prototypes of electronic devices. Among these were: multi-rate electronic energy consumption meters with a network system to acquire data from them; an access control system based on TIRIS card; control circuit boards for X-ray luminescent diamond detection systems with remote maintenance; video editing circuit boards for digital TV studios.

On the basis of these and other developmental works, a number of small businesses were set up.

XXIst Century

Under the contract with Tekseed LLC (USA), a marketing sample of one of the first IP-video cameras in the world was developed (hardware compression with codecs ADV601/ADV611 Analog Devices, RISC-processor by Scenix (now UbiCom) for IP communication).

A range of “IP devices” were created later on: video and audio servers, data acquisition units, control devices and multi-rate electronic energy consumption meter prototypes, which are now mass produced; industrial multi-channel measuring system and many others. A hardware and software platform based on the third generation IP video servers has been created and is currently maintained and developed.

In 2005 ASK Lab was registered as a private company («ASK Lab», Limited Company). The abbreviation “ASK” is an acronym made up of the first letters of the surnames of the company founders.

The development of wireless digital command modems based on transceivers by Texas Instrument Inc. was mastered. These modems provide information exchange with controlled devices through the RS232 interface with control of discrete outputs of “dry contact” type and transmission of audio and video. A reliable protection of transmitted data is implemented, as well as protection against “interception with re-transmission” attacks.

We now work in a completely new area – special purpose Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). Several samples of compact UPS, based on lithium-ion (Li-Ion), lithium- polymer (Li-Pol) and lithium-ion  nano-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, have already been developed.

A project of creation of an information management and control system «PoTok-S» was executed for the Saint–Petersburg telephone network company OAO “Northwest Тelecom” (ОАО «Северо-Западный Телеком»). This project went  in to commercial operation in 2006. The system provides remote information retrieval from heat meters in more than 100 heating supply points all over Saint-Petersburg and remote reconfiguration of parameters of valve operation controller regulation (DANFOSS-300).

Engineering experiments in remote video monitoring via IP video servers are executed. This system allows for monitoring of the current situation on a facility, including meter readings and position of valves.

Several network-based multi-channel remote video and audio monitoring systems were created using our own hardware and software platform. Electronic modules of sub-miniature devices of video and audio monitoring (digital video recorders) with built-in controllers of rechargeable lithium-ion cells status have been developed and manufactured for our customers.

Since 2002 ASK Lab has been successfully collaborating with companies that work in the sphere of development of technical security means. We jointly develop and produce various special technical devices for civilian use.

In 2011 OOO «ASK Laboratoria» obtained a license from the Federal Security Service Directorate in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region for development, production, sale, purchase and resale of special technical devices designed for covert obtaining of information (License No.0004612 of November 2, 2011). The license enabled us to fulfill our potential in creating special devices for Operational-Investigative Activities and comprehensive systems that include special devices designed by third parties.

In addition, there is a constantly increasing list of developed components (final products or electronic modules), which, being a part of systems that we create, realize various additional features (power supply, remote condition monitoring, etc.






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