Why choose us

ASK Laboratory has been conducting full-cycle electronics development for over 15 years.

We are ready to design and produce electronic modules, electronic devices and systems of any level of complexity. Our engineers carry out development of firmware and software for personal computers and mobile devices.

On the customer’s request, we form a team of engineers to perform development and maintenance services for the created project directly at the customer’s premises.

We carry out research and development work, produce samples and prepare products for mass production. You can order a full cycle of work from ASK Lab – from initial idea to a final series of products ready to be sold to customers. We also carry out repairs and technical maintenance of devices and systems of our design.

By entering into partnership with ASK Laboratory, you may be sure that your order is in good hands.

1. Highly qualified professionals with extensive experience

Our company’s portfolio includes over 100 executed projects in different areas and we’re willing to offer a great number of ready-made modern and technologically advanced solutions.

2. Top quality, right on time

Our company constantly monitors all stages of order execution. The high quality of our experts’ work has been frequently praised by Russian state structures. Specialists of ASK Laboratory took part in R&D and experimental design work financed through Russian state contracts many times in recent years.

OOO ASK Laboratory has a license issued by the Federal Security Service Directorate in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region for development, manufacture, purchasing and selling of special technical means for surreptitiously obtaining information.

We supply technical equipment of our own design by tenders and auctions organized by federal government agencies of the Russian Federation.

3. Advanced technologies

The ASK Laboratory team systematically monitors and masters all new and promising technologies that appear on the global software and hardware markets, since the area of our business requires rapid response to every change in the industry.

In this regard, we regularly test new and promising technologies. This allows us to avoid unforeseen situations in the course of work on specific orders.

4. Fair and square

On completion of our work, customers receive working samples and intellectual property rights for the developed products. We do not regret that we cannot show our potential customers each piece of work as an example of our success. What we cherish most is the partnerships we have with our clients.