Contract development of electronics

Development of an electronic module, product, or system typically includes the following steps (many of which are parallel and iterative): 

1. Development of terms of reference in accordance with Customer’s requirements;

2. Selection of components and design of circuitry;

3. Development of PCB layout and assembly drawings;
4. Development of firmware, and digital circuitry for programmable logic devices;

5. Development of PC software;

6. Design and production of cases, protective shielding and other necessary mechanical elements;

7. Installation of printed circuit boards and assembly of products;

8. Testing and transfer of an experimental batch of products to a Customer;

9. Transfer of design documentation to a Customer.

The following steps are required in case of serial production:

1. Amendment of specifications for separate electronic modules and products as a whole, correction of certain technical solutions (manufacture and cost optimization during the earlier stages are not feasible);

2. Develop testing methodologies, technical specifications (TS) and prepare documentation for certification;

3. Develop test software, create technological equipment and production instructions;

4. Choose a manufacturer (outsource, in Russia or abroad) that is capable of implementing the selected technologies, volume of output, etc. in the best way.