Turnkey engineering design departments

In cases where the customer decides to create an engineering design department within its company structure, ASK Laboratory takes on the recruitment and training of a team of specialists, including future developers and project managers. The group can be formed by training on a project with gradual attrition of unsuitable candidates. The necessary organizational and hierarchical structure is created for the team, which enables it to work independently in the area of engineering set by the ​customer.

During its formation, the team performs several ongoing projects, which result in creation of products needed by the customer. Employment contracts with special conditions will solve the “brain drain” problem at the end of training.

The ASK Laboratory Company employs doctors of sciences who perform research and teaching activities in major universities of Russia. Thanks to direct contact with the students of universities, there is a unique opportunity to notice gifted students and offer them to work in real projects even before graduation.

As a result, recruitment of experts or specialists for “Turnkey Design Engineering Departments” is done from the best sources.