Since its founding, ASK Lab has grown in terms of experience, as well as human and material resources sufficient to enable it to create modern electronic products (modules, devices, systems, etc.). These products have a number of properties that make them stand out against a background of worldwide competition and, therefore, are based on the most up-to-date components and technologies. Our team can perform scientific, technological tasks and application development tasks of any complexity. Our customers come from a variety of enterprises and businesses, and we have successfully worked together with some of them for over 10 years.

The following components are the basis for long-term and productive work in this field:

1. A stable team of researchers, engineers and managers with exceptional depth of knowledge and superb organizational skills;

2. Experience in implementation of projects with results that are highly demanded by the market;

3. Experience in replication of completed projects and after-sales service of products;

4. A complete understanding and use of modern materials and technical knowledge base that help to provide design, development and adjustment as well as implementation of any measurements.


Owing to the extensive development and engineering skills of our staff, each of our projects complies exactly with the requirements specified by customers without the need to artificially "adjust" the terms of reference to the real capabilities of the contractor. In other words, we use a set of tools and extensive experience, obtained previously. We use the development tools that we have highly mastered, which significantly reduces the customer’s risks.

Successful and timely execution of tasks on the platform (architecture) that is new for us is also possible. In this case, our experienced team allocates additional time during the planning process for mastering of a new platform. We also take into account the risk of appearance of a higher number of iterations.


The level of technology used  and  the degree of integration of electronic components mastered both by the development team and personnel responsible for production and solution of technological issues, are equally important. Because of the specific requirements of development orders for our team, the vast majority of electronic modules that we create are of minute and ultra-minute size and of low power consumption. In this regard, ICs (integral circuits) in the fewest possible cases (BGA, uBGA, QFN, DFN, LGA, etc.) and passive components in typical sizes up to 0603 and 0402 are often selected for kitting out and installation. Our multi-layer PCBs (printed circuit boards) belong to the HDI (High Density Interconnection) class.

The level of technology mastered plays a key role in successful finding of effective approaches to the design of modern electronics, selection of components and PCB design. And not only in terms of complying with the terms of reference, but also in order to ensure the effectiveness of further operation and maintenance of a product by a user.


As engineers we always create something new. This determines the presence of research in every project, even if it is not specified by the terms of reference. If necessary, appropriately qualified scientists in our team are involved in such research. Our site provides the constantly growing list of ASK Lab patents and published works, most of which are the result of individual initiative or job-related research.

But individual knowledge and skills of each employee, as well as combined skills and organized business processes within a team, are much more valuable. This is a result of long-term professional cooperation. This usually determines the real capacity and reliability of a company.