ADI BlackFin platform

Since 2006, ASK Lab's engineers have been implementing BlackFin DSPs (Analog Devices, Inc.) in their R&D activity. No less than 25 different electronic units were equipped with these processors as a central processing IC. Due to the accumulated library of program code and proven hardware designs, today our specialists are able to execute the development with extremely high efficiency.

To the moment, we have successfully developed embedded systems for recording, processing and transmission of audio and video information using processors ADSP-BF537, ADSP-BF547, ADSP-BF523, ADSP-BF523C, ADSP-BF525, ADSP-BF525C.

BlackFin processors draw engineers attention whenever a high-performance solution with low power consumption and small size is needed. Perfect integrated development environment from Analog Devices, Inc. and debugging tools provide a very deterministic design process.

ASK Lab is a member of The ADI DSP Third Party Collaborative for Embedded Processors and DSP applications.