Semiconductors base

In the field of microelectronics developer has to continuously find a compromise between the desire to apply the known proven integrated circuits and the need to provide the best currently projected product characteristics. ASK Lab's experts are able to quickly understand the benefits of the real and imaginary components studied, despite its degree of novelty.

To date, the foundation of created by ASK Lab electronic devices and systems was a huge amount of semiconductor components. With many of the manufacturers contacted, we established tight connection in order to get the most current information about their development plans and the most complete documentation.

Microcontrollers and Systems-on-Chip (SoC)


PIC16, PIC18, PIC24

Texas Instruments:


UbiCom (Scenix):

SX52, IP2k (IP2022)

Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and Media Processors

Analog Devices' BlackFin:


Texas Instruments' OMAP and DaVinchi:

OMAP35x, DM36x, DM8102, DM38x

Codecs for video compression and decompression

ADV601, ADV611, ADV202, ADV212, MG1264

Interface ICs

Maxim/Dallas, Linear technology, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and many others

ICs and modules for data transfer over different types of communication channels

Texas Instruments, uBlox, WhizNets, Linear Technology, Sierra Wireless, Digi International, BlueGIGA and many others

Volatile and Non-volatile memory ICs

Samsung, Micron, Ramtron, Cypress and others

Positioning modules GPS/GLONASS

uBlox, Trimble, Sierra Wireless

Graphical displays and touch screens/panels

Tianma, Winstar Display

Programmable Logic Device (PLD, CPLD, FPGA)

Altera, Xilinx

Dedicated ICs for wide spectrum of application

Тexas Instruments, Maxim-Dallas, Sony, Samsung, Micron (Aptina), Philips (NXP), International Rectifier, Enfora, Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, Ramtron and others